Welcome to the New Feathers. I hope everyone's settling in all right. Things have been peaceful lately, and it's better than landing in Luceti in the middle of an experiment. I'm Terra, and I've been here for half a year now.

[...Stating it aloud like that just makes him feel old. But he sets out making the filter he's been practicing since Frederic showed it to him.]

[Filtered away from Ven and Vanitas / 70% 75% 85% 94% unhackable]

I'd like to ask for some help from Ven's friends. You might also know him as "Ventus." Ven's been here a lot longer than me, and I'm pretty sure he hasn't had a chance to celebrate his birthday at all. There were plans for a surprise party, but things just ... kept happening. [The draft. Aqua's second disappearance. And now Kohan had ran off with little more than a note. There's a noticeable pause in the message before Terra continues.] I'd appreciate any help.

[...] And if someone could help me fix my filter, that would be great, too.


[If anyone wants to catch him after his post, he can be found shopping in the plaza. Someone's gotta do the grocery shopping.]
[This takes place on Friday, the last day of the experiment.

Terra's been feeling a strong desire to train today. Pullups and pushups in the clearing, combat training in the battle dome... He's got stamina to spare, but there's no doubt he's pushing himself; usually he has the sense to stop once in awhile.

He can be seen in the forest near house 39 exercising in the morning or over in the battle dome past noon. ...Or maybe even passed out on the grass on his way back to the house, towards midnight.]
[Accidental recording set in the morning of the 28th, post-event.

He awakens with a start, his arm twitching from where it was stretched out to knock his journal -- and his clock -- off of his bedside table. There's a hiss of confusion, followed by the movement of him dragging himself out of bed.]

What... Aqua? [That's right. This was Aqua's room. They had been sleeping in the same bed because of ... another experiment? He's confused, trying to sort through everything that had happened.

Then he realizes that Aqua's room is empty. He's out the door a moment later, but not before his journal picks up his voice one more time.]


[Later on in the day, he can be found in the item store. They can't just wipe out her existence like that, can they? He has to at least try to find something of hers.]
[Cold. Overcast. It's a stark contrast to the warmth and rays that Terra had felt not too long ago, and he frowns at the skies like they'll tell him what's going on. No Keyblade, no clothes, no items ... and no memories of how he ended up here.

And that was without taking those strange wings into account.

He walks through the wet grass, pausing long enough to scoop up a book that barely sticks out against the tall grasses. He flips it open, scanning. Little boxes, little switches and buttons... He pushes a few of the buttons experimentally.]

Odd book. Doesn't look like a command board... Huh.

...Not the time for this.

[With a shrug, he snaps the journal shut, not aware that it had recorded what he was saying.

By the time he opens the journal again, he'll have made his way to the dd New Feather watch station. Somewhere fairly safe where he can dig up some ill-fitting clothes for himself.

He'll give the journal a second look now that he's at least found some shelter.]

[BBS spoilers in KH cast threads!]
So this is the first time I've played Terra, and of course that means I have a lot to learn. You can contact me over LJ PMs, my AIM (please see the Taken Characters list or Player Contact post if you're in the game), or on this post.

IP logging is off, anon comments are allowed, and all comments are screened. Thanks for your help!


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